Charles Poliquin (Strength Sensei Testimonial)

December 13, 2016 BSL Info

See why the Stength Sensei recommends the Complete Essentials Essential Amino Acid Training formula for pre-workout, intra-workout, and post-workout nutrition to enhance recovery from strength training. Use the code: SENSEI at checkout for 15% off your first order.

The Pure Science. Proven Results™ Process

May 03, 2016 BSL Info

      We know what it is like to overcome our own health challenges and struggle with proper nutrition for wellness and recovery. As a result, Co-Founders, Ben and James, individually began a journey to find alternative healing which sparked careers in natural health industry. Ben, having numerous certifications and advanced degrees, has run a successful personal training and nutrition coaching business for over 10 years. James has had a successful career in supply chain management – particularly in supplement manufacturing and logistics. In 2015, they combined their respective expertise and form BSL Nutrition to change the game! Our...

Our 2015 Review

December 31, 2015 BSL Info

Well, we are back in the saddle after a great holiday season spent with family and friends. We are so excited to have our first year of business in the rear view mirror and most importantly, we can call it a success….thanks to you! When we launched Body Systems Labs in the second quarter of 2015, we had some very specific goals in mind. Develop a comprehensive amino acid supplement that is pure and has no artificial ingredients. Not to mention that it has to be superior to anything else on the market. Price our product at a great value...

The Best Intra Workout Supplement

October 22, 2015 BSL Info

The training goal for any athlete at any level is to build lean and dense muscle. The most effective means to achieving this is ensuring that you are ingesting the right nutrients before and during your training sessions. There are many theories as to what the right nutrients are but there is a incredible amount of research that supports a well formulated amino acid complex as the right solution.  Complete Essentials was recently discussed by Charles Poliquin. Charles is recognized as one of the world's most elite strength coaches and a leader in training technique, nutrition, and supplementation. By ingesting all of...

Complete Essentials™: Core Ingredients

May 19, 2015 BSL Info

By utilizing a combination of performance-based ingredients in optimal quantities, Complete Essentials represents the cutting edge of athlete engineered nutrition to both optimize performance and body composition in hard training athletes as well as weekend warriors.