The Pure Science. Proven Results™ Process

May 03, 2016 BSL Info

      We know what it is like to overcome our own health challenges and struggle with proper nutrition for wellness and recovery. As a result, Co-Founders, Ben and James, individually began a journey to find alternative healing which sparked careers in natural health industry. Ben, having numerous certifications and advanced degrees, has run a successful personal training and nutrition coaching business for over 10 years. James has had a successful career in supply chain management – particularly in supplement manufacturing and logistics. In 2015, they combined their respective expertise and form BSL Nutrition to change the game!

Our Pure Science. Proven Results™ Process

  • Walk the Talk: We actively work in the natural health industry so we get feedback directly from the real world. Our product and future formulations are inspired by real world need.
  • Cut through the Crap: We find a solutions by analyzing peer reviewed research and identifying the best and most pure ingredients to formulate comprehensive products.
  • No Proprietary Blends: You will never see “proprietary blend” on our label. We have nothing to hide so we list each ingredient. 
  • Voluntary Regulation: We only use manufacturing partners who are NSF certified and registered with the FDA.
  • Reveal the Truth: We test our product heavily to ensure that it exceeds our efficacy and safety standards AND gets results.

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  • Calvin Carter

    May 09, 2016

    Came across your product while doing my research before my surgery. On Oct. 28, 2015, I rupture my Left leg quad tendon. At the age of 58, my physical health and mental state is of a 30 year old. Physical therapy and final getting back to working out without PED’s, anti inflammatories. I hope to be back to Master track and field, (sprints) in November. Thank you both, for a product that is natural and true.

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