Frequently Asked Questions

How much and when should I take Complete Essentials?

Individuals weighing 150 lbs. or less, enjoy two scoops of Complete Essentials (in 12-16 oz. of water) as your pre-workout beverage, 30 minutes before training. Enjoy another 2 scoops in 12-16 oz. water to sip throughout your workout, between sets.

Individuals weighing between 150 – 200 lbs., enjoy three scoops per serving.

Individuals weighing 200 lbs. or more, enjoy four scoops per serving.

Taking the right dose for your body weight produces optimal results for L-citrulline delivery, for reducing intra-workout fatigue and for improving both short and long-term work capacity (i.e., anaerobic and aerobic endurance).


What makes Complete Essentials an "all-in-one" training product?

Complete Essentials is your “all-in-one” training solution because it delivers ingredients proven beneficial before, during and after exercise. Complete Essentials makes the problem of having 4-6 bottles of pre, mid and post-exercise products a thing of the past. We’ve married everything you need into a single, maximally effective formula.

Pre-workout: Complete Essentials provides all 9 essential amino acids (EAAs), which form a “complete protein,” unlike other pre-workout products that only provide the three branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs).

Complete Essentials also provides citrulline and L-aspartic acid. They help increase blood flow to working muscles. They improve work output and muscular endurance. And they help shuttle lactic acid away from the muscle, allowing you to perform longer with less burn. Consuming citrulline as pre-workout nutrition “primes” the nervous system by enhancing nitric oxide production in the body, stimulating blood flow and improving both energy and cognitive function.

Intra-workout: Complete Essentials’ electrolytes (sodium, magnesium, potassium) help replenish minerals lost through sweat and they support optimal electrical conductivity in the muscles and the brain. That conductivity is the cornerstone of efficient muscle firing. Complete Essentials supports hydration, which supports overall health, energy production, performance and recovery from exercise.

Complete Essentials also delivers L-carnitine to support your mitochondria’s ability to burn fat and improve energy metabolism.

Drinking EAAs throughout exercise provides a steady supply of protein in your bloodstream to support muscle breakdown and aid in recovery. So there’s no need for post-workout protein supplementation if the right dose of Complete Essentials is taken before and during exercise.

Post-workout and energy/cognitive support: Complete Essentials can be used as a post-workout aid if you prefer not to supplement during exercise. Complete Essentials may also be enjoyed between meals to boost energy and cognitive function without the calories of a traditional “snack”.


Why is Complete Essentials better than all other BCAA products?

Because of our comprehensive, top-quality, high-value, customer-trusted and stimulant-free ingredients.

1) Complete Essentials contains all 9 essential amino acids (EAAs), making it far more comprehensive than conventional BCAA products that merely provide the three branched-chain amino acids (i.e., leucine, isoleucine and valine).

2) Providing all of the EAAs makes production costly. And Complete Essentials is one of the few EAA products on the market. Nevertheless, we have spared no expense in creating a formula that ensures optimal results. Check out the testimonials of our satisfied customers who range from doctors and athletes to world-class strength coaches.


How are BCAAs and essential amino acids different from whey protein?

There’s a major benefit to utilizing free-form amino acids, as found in Complete Essentials, before and during your workout. What's that benefit? Speed of delivery. When isolated protein molecules are provided to the body in their “free" form, they can be quickly and easily absorbed. By contrast, whey protein contains many of the same essential amino acids. But they're bound in a complex molecular form. The free-form amino acids in Complete Essentials require less digestion and provide greater bioavailability than whey protein in less time.

The speed of delivery for EAAs is especially important before and during training because it provides a steady stream of proteins in the blood to prevent excessive muscle catabolism. Post-workout delivery of EAAs needn't be as fast. That's a perfect time for using whey protein to support further muscle recovery, give the body immediate caloric replenishment and provide a slower digesting supply of proteins to support hormone recovery.


Why are essential amino acids (EAAs) important during workouts?

Amino acids are the base structure of all proteins in the human body. When we exercise we break down muscle tissue, referred to as muscle protein breakdown (MPB), which then becomes the stimulus for enhanced muscle growth.

The process of muscle recovery and growth is called muscle protein synthesis (MPS). In order to optimize MPS, we need to provide the body with the necessary raw materials (proteins/amino acids) to support, maintain and recover from hard training exercise.

Research suggests that supplementation with essential amino acids (as found in Complete Essentials) supports greater muscle protein synthesis before and during exercise, as well as less muscle protein breakdown.

EAAs are important during workouts for untrained individuals because simply getting enough protein throughout the day can be a challenge for them. EAAs are important during exercise for more highly trained athletes because proper nutrient timing is key to the positive nitrogen balance necessary for muscle growth. Consuming amino acids (before and during workouts) is an easy way to help all individuals meet their daily protein needs, when they need it most, without having to rely on a post-workout shake.


What should I eat before I workout?

The best time to eat varies greatly by individual and depends on your personal preferences, the time of day you train, the intensity of your workout and the length of your workout. The beauty of Complete Essentials is that it doesn't matter when you ate. Complete Essentials is your insurance policy to provide your body the essential amino acids it needs to get the job done. Now go hit the gym!

If you need more specific guidelines for your pre-workout meals, make sure to download our free 9 best pre-workout meals guide HERE.


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